About Me

Natasha_solbriller_popartHi! I am Natasha, A.K.A. Nat-Art.
I am a 35 year old freelance photographer, documentarist, graphical artist, assistant film-editor, book nerd, cinema buff and incorrigible DYI and recycling chick.
I am based in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, and intermittenly London.

You can contact me here:
mail: me@nat-art.co.uk
Facebook: facebook.com/natasha.andersen.165

My various skills and abilities are mainly accumulated over many years of self-study and working in the creative and visual field. A business which is forever changing and require you to keep learning and refining your skills.

My IMDB profile: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3635235/reference


Courses, college stays, jobs and internships:

Fall 2012   The Danish Film Institute – archival and library department.  
Internship. Sorting and readying and categorizing new and already purchased books for the library. Also sorting through decades of movie-related magazines/journals and putting them in magazine boxes.
Also unpacking, sorting and categorizing vintage movie stills donated to the archives.
Computer-related tasks: updating and creating search words for Danish documentaries and Danish short films into the Film Database.

2008-09 + 2011-2012.       DR Fiktion
Editing Assistant, offline technician and post-production coordinator at the fiction series departing of the Danish Broadcasting Company (DR) Worked on productions such as: “Forbrydelsen II and III”, “Livvagterne”, “Isas Stepz – season 3”, “Pagten”, “Lykke”, “Borgen”, “Limbo 2”, “Paphoved” and “Hjælp, der er Jul!”

Summer 2010  Beofilm
Internship. Doing ad hoc office jobs and being the assistant editor on a documentary Film: “Mig uden dig” that premiered on the Buster Film Festival.

April-June 2008 Filmvaerkstedet/The Film workshop at DFI (the Danish Filminstitute)
Internship as a “technical assistant” helping in the film equipment booking and storage department. And eventually also in the editing rooms.

Feb-March 2008 Kort og Dokumentarfilmskolen
Courses: Dramaturgy and Scriptwriting. Basic and Advanced Adobe After Effects.

Feb-June 2007     Kort og Dokumentarfilmskolen
Courses: Professionel Documentary & Introduction to Final Cut Pro and Advanced Final Cut Pro.

2005-06 The European Film College/ Filmhøjskolen i Ebeltoft. 
Courses: Directing, Camera, Editing, Documentary and Acting for Directors.
While staying at the school I directed a 12 min. documentary about people believing in UFOs “A New World” and produced a 15 min. graduation film ”Your Hand in Mine”
In my spare time I also worked in the cinema “Store Bjørn” associated with the school.

2001 Christianshavns Gymnasium
Graduated in the summer of 2001. Studying on the matemathical line, chosen courses (højniveau or A levels) being in Mathematics, Physics and French.