Art Photography

———————— WORK IN PROGRESS ——————————————————–

This page will showcase my art and nature photography.

I mainly photograph outside while walking around on my own, stumbling upon something that inspires me. My motives therefor consist of landscapes, cityscapes, nature, trees and flowers and semi-abstract textures and reflections of the world around me.

I photograph with a variety of cameras, depending on what fits the occasion, my mood, or simply what cameras I have readily available.
That could either be my old analogue Nikon SLR, various Lomo cameras, my mobile phone, my Surface tablet, and of course my beloved digital SLR: Nikon D60.

I started taking still pictures at a young age, when I was given a Fuji point-and-shoot 35 mmm compact camera to play around with. As an adult I have approached the moving pictures as well. Mainly as a film editor’s assistent/editing technician in the movie business, but I do dabble in smaller “artsy” video projects and experiments of my own.

2006 The European Film College (
2007+08 Kort og Dokumentar Filmskolen (

In Denmark I have had my photographs exibited at: Gallery BobWhat, Heerings Gård at Christianshavn, Kulturhus NV, and Valby Medborgerhus.

Abroad, I had three pictures featured at Youth Film Festival in Kundl, Austria where I also won the 2nd price for the picture “Floating in Pink”

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Digital Camera


Spejling i højhus

Fairytale forest


Morning at the harbourHareskoven