Street Art

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—————-Work in Progress – more to come —————–

I like to document the street art, grafitti and urban underground design I encounter in the various cities visit. I have been doing so for more than 15 years in cities such as Copenhagen, London, Paris and Amsterdam.

Looking at the either small or large imprints unnamed artists leave on street and buildings inspire, surprise me and sometimes shock me.
It is a fine line between what can be considered as art, or a cultural or political statement and what is just crude vandalism.

This is a few of the photos I have taken, but I dream to make a proper collection of all my photos, analogue, digital, old and new and exibit them someday, somewhere, somehow.
Until then I will show a selection of them in digital form on this homepage.

A few of my street-art photos have been featured in the Danish newspaper Politiken’s iByen section.

I am not the artist behind any of the pieces/paintings/stencils, posters or stickers below.
I just photographed it, so I don’t have the artistic rights to any of the art pieces.
Since most of these don’t exist any more, so I see my role as documenting them for posterity and as a personal way to remember the streets I have lived in, walked on and biked through.